General conditions – information about the product:
The object of delivery includes cold-bent steel profiles made of galvanized steel and low carbon black steel. Profiles are manufactured in standard lengths of 6 meters. On the customer’s request, it is possible to deliver profiles in non-standard lengths and cut profiles to the desired size. The method of packing and marking of profiles is standard and correspond with PN / EN requirements and legal regulations.
Payment conditions:
Deliveries are executed according to the price list which is valid on the day on which the order is placed. The payment date is determined individually and is calculated as of the shipping date. Payment is considered to be completed on the day on which money is transferred to the bank account. In case of delays in payment, MARK-STAL reserves the right to charge statutory interest on the delay timespan.
Delivery conditions:
Delivery dates are always set individually. MARK-STAL provides transport to the customer for orders over 8 tons, unless the parties agreed otherwise. In terms of the transportation provided by MARK-STAL, the customer is obliged to ensure proper equipment necessary for efficient unloading of the vehicle.
MARK-STAL delivers goods on the basis of appropriate material and quality standards for a given type of product as well as on the basis of company quality control.
Conditions for the storage of sections:
Sections should be stored in a manner that they cannot be deformed, dented or made to bulge. Additionally, they need to be protected against the adverse effects of atmospheric conditions so that they can fully retain their properties.
Acceptance of goods – complaints:

The customer is obliged to check delivered goods for quantity and quality on delivery/pick-up.

  • Complaints regarding quantity should be submitted immediately during unloading goods,
  • Complaints of palpable flaws in respect of quality should be submitted immediately after goods have been unloaded, not later than within 2 days as of the delivery date,
  • Complaints of hidden flaws in respect of quality should be submitted not later than within 30 days as of the delivery date.

All complaints should be made in writing. The following information must be included: product marking, batch number, amount, the reason for complaint.